The Magic Guys Podcast

This morning Tim was interviewed live on The Magic Guys podcast. Josh Norbido & Nick Kay took Tim through a gamut of questions, and ranging from growing up with magic, to how to improve each o


This week we performed a season of 3 shows of MagicSports for The Melbourne International Comedy Festival… and they were the funniest nights ever! If the audience enjoyed themselves half as muc

Sawing A Man In Half

This illusion was designed by Tim in 1996. It’s a completely original take on the classic illusion with a delightful role-reversal as the magician is the one who gets sliced in two.

The Magic Box opens

The new Laneway Theatre Show for 2024 has opened, and it’s a delightful new hit! Over 50 years ago, Tim Ellis was given a magic box by his Grandfather. He spent months learning every single tri

Meta Ads

Due to my work with The Melbourne Magic Festival, I do a lot of advertising with Facebook Ads (Meta Ads). We don’t have a very big budget to play with, only around $4,000 spread over four or fi

Kingkids Awards Night

Over the weekend Tim performed a show and strolling magic to make the Kingkids Awards night just that little bit more magical. (It’s a great idea for your next event too!) Here are some snap

Hoax Speeches

One of the lesser known presentations Tim does, for obvious reasons, is Hoax Speeches. Tim is assigned a character to play by the client – a personality that “should” be well known

Back on 3AW with Grubby

Back on August 26, Tim created mayhem live on Radio 3AW with Grubby Stubbs as he performed a series of unbelievable tricks. Tonight he’s back at 10pm and promises to blow everyone’s m