Upcoming Public Shows

Every Saturday Night at 8.00pm

The Magic Box

8.00pm every Saturday night at The Laneway Theatre

In 1972 Tim’s grandfather gave him the Hanky Panky Magic Set (No. 2) and it changed his life.

50 years later prepare to open the box once again as we take a look at those original tricks and how they have evolved into true miracles.

July 22 at The Noosa Alive Festival

Timeless Magic

Tim Ellis presents a full evening stage show of his favourite magic

Aug 6, 7.30pm at The Laneway Theatre

MagicSports: Whose Trick Is It Anyway?

For three nights only you’ll see Australia’s top magicians improvising their way through brand new routines as they create never before seen magic on the spot!

Hosted by magic legend Tim Ellis in his top secret venue, The Laneway Theatre, this is a rare opportunity to share a rare peek behind the velvet curtain.

Sep 18, 7.30pm at The Laneway Theatre

For My Next Trick

Four different magicians every show, performing their very best magic to blow your mind. In the tradition of ‘Sleight Night’ and ‘The Close Up Gallery’, comes ‘For My Next Trick…’. Some of Melbourne’s very best magicians combine their incredible talents of world class sleight of hand.

December 27 to January 5

Oceania Regatta Cruise

Cairns to Bali

March 20 to April 8

Regent Voyager Cruise

Sydney to Darwin