Upcoming Public Shows


8.00pm on Saturday nights at The Laneway Theatre

50 years ago Tim Ellis dreamed of doing nothing but performing magic his entire life, and he has conjured this show for the Dreamer in all of us.

The Dream begins each night at 8pm and features magic and characters exclusive to The Laneway Theatre.

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Coral Princess Cruise

May 16 to 25

Hawaii to Tahiti


The Mad Hatter Magic Show

July 4 to 8

Melbourne Magic Festival

Celebrity Solstice Cruise

November 7 to 16

Bangkok to Hongkong

Oceania Regatta Cruise

December 8 to 14

Fremantle to Adelaide

Regent Navigator Cruise

December 31 to Jan 10, 2024.

Darwin to Sydney


Oceania Regatta Cruise

January 11 to 20

Fremantle to Melbourne

Regent Mariner Cruise

February 19 to 29

Fiji to Sydney

Regent Navigator Cruise

March 4 to 13, 2024.

Auckland to Cairns

Oceania Regatta Cruise

March 20 to 29 (2024)

Lautoka to Papeete