Created in 1991 by Tim Ellis

How can you develop your creativity in an art form with as many rules as magic? Break them!

Remember the old saying: “If an accountant makes a mistake, he calls it a “computer error”. If a plumber makes a mistake, he charges you more. If a doctor makes a mistake, he buries it. But if a magician makes a mistake, he’s a bad magician.”

Does it really have to be so? Many great new effects have been created when magicians have made mistakes and dealt with them on the spot.

Improvising. One way actors improve and develop their improvisational skills is in a show called ‘TheatreSports’™, invented by Keith Johnstone. Theatresports™ is an improv show based on two teams challenging each other to games and scenes.

So in 1991 Tim Ellis developed a series of games for magicians called, you guessed it, MagicSports. Many of the games are based on mistakes which have occurred in real life situations which put the participants under pressure and push their creativity to new limits, other games are based on those developed by Theatresports™.

All over the world MagicSports is played behind the closed doors of a magic club or at a convention as a “late-night” event. In Germany, The Flicking Fingers even play some MagicSports games in their public shows and now it’s a regular highlight at The Melbourne Magic Festival.

MagicSports at FISM

Den Haag 2003

In 2003 MagicSports workshops and a demonstration competition were staged at The FISM World Championships of Magic in Den Haag.

If you get really good though, try playing a whole match in front of the paying public, you’ll be surprised how much they love it!

So, without further delay, press play and let the MagicSports Theme Music (written by Australian composer Craig Bryant) set the mood as you enter a world filled with exciting, high adrenalin spontaneity! Have fun!!!


Rules of the games

Whether you choose to play a full tournament or just try out a few training games at your local club, there are dozens of different games to play with more being added every year.

Creativity Cards

MagicSports for One

Based on the principles of ‘The Trick Brain’, I’d like to offer you the ‘MagicSports Creativity Cards’. These are designed to help you think “out of the box” and develop a problem-solving mind

MagicSports 2019

Reviewed in Tay Around Town

“This is a magic show that does not take itself too seriously. I found it funnier than expected and was on the verge of wetting myself at the end of the show due to laughter”

MagicSports 2017

Reviewed in The Plus Ones

“The variety and absurdity of MagicSports makes it not just one of the best magic shows you’ll see all year, but one of the best shows of any type.”

MagicSports 2016

Reviewed in The Plus Ones

“Tim Ellis, MagicSports’ creator, ran the show with great enthusiasm. We really got the impression that he wanted the magicians to suffer, at least a little.”