Client and Press Reviews for Tim Ellis

What do people say about Tim?

Tim Ellis strongly believes in over-delivering on his client’s expectations. Whether it’s a private party or a multi-million dollar product launch, Tim has a lifetime of experience behind his 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Astonishment! at The Laneway Theatre

Reviewed in Theatre People

“For the next hour we heard lots of noise – laughter, gasps, denial and shouts of delight.” “If you wish to regain the wonder you had as a child, visit the Laneway Theatre during the comedy festival and prepare to be Astonished!”

Spellbinder at The Laneway Theatre

Reviewed in Weekend Notes

“I was not disappointed. In fact, the show well and truly exceeded my expectations, even though I had a bit of an idea of what to expect and knew it would be awe-inspiring. Spellbinder takes the art of magic to a whole new level, along with a selection of astonishing feats with coins, thread, poker chips and nothing more than your imagination, which will leave you speechless.”

Pure Magic at the Laneway Theatre

Reviewed in The Plus Ones

“Pure Magic will have your jaw on the ground, and your mind in knots as you witness the unexpected and incomprehensible in a unique setting created to celebrate magic.”

It’s Magic, You Know?

Reviewed in Broadsheet

“Tim Ellis is a magician, and a fairly mysterious man. While getting ready for a recent performance, he speaks in a soft, low drone. He’s different from the larrikin, dad-joking persona that he’s about to embody onstage, and measures each statement with care. His greying hair is coiffed high and, judging by his expression, he seems to be stifling a perpetual giggle. It’s unclear if this is all an act, offstage and on.”

This Is Magic!

Reviewed in Weekend Notes

“This is Magic was slick and faced-paced, harmonised with flawless continuity that you would expect from a consummate professional and design genius.”

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