Magic Lectures

“By far the best lecture I have ever seen."

Tim Ellis was nominated ‘Lecturer of the Year’ in 2005 by The Magic Castle, Hollywood, awarded the 2001 ‘Most Valuable Participant’ at the FFFF Convention, New York, and has received tremendous praise for his lectures throughout the world.

For the last twenty five years Tim Ellis has been touring the world, appearing at magic clubs, conventions and seminars, teaching his own original twists on the art of magic.

He has been invited to Europe, Asia, Africa, the USA and even did a three month world tour in 2002. Feel free to check out the vaguely amusing mini-documentary video HERE.

Timeless Magic

The lecture

In this lecture Tim will teach several effects from his acclaimed book TIMELESS MAGIC. Click here to buy the book.

He offers stage, close up, comedy and card magic – all with devilishly simple methods designed to allow you to concentrate on presentation and showmanship. More importantly he will teach techniques learned from over 40 years of performing that will transform your presentations and make people CARE about YOU and your magic.

Singapore Lecture Review

Reviewed by John Teo

“This was a wonderful lecture because it catered to all types of magicians.  In all the effects demonstrated, Tim’s creativity was much evident.  Tim’s high-octane energy permeated throughout his lecture and all of us were hooked from the start to the conclusion of his presentation.”

Michigan Lecture Review

Reviewed by Inside Magic

“Tim Ellis is to magic what diamonds are to minerals. He is the best and brightest and can cut glass and is liked by women.”

Runaround Sue


Tim’s lecture can also include a performance and workshop on his FISM award winning cups and balls routine ‘Runaround Sue’, now considered a modern classic. Not only will you learn how it works, but also why it works. This will enable and inspire you to be more creative in your own magic. Click here to buy the book.


Optional Workshop

Tim will also introduce you to MagicSports, improvised magic games that put the fun into failure and teach you how to discover the real performer and inventor within.