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Tim Ellis has appeared on over 150 TV shows all over the world.
His YouTube Channel contains Television Appearances, Live Shows, Acting Roles, Bar Bets, Interviews and more.


“Tim Ellis, the genius from downunder, the most awarded Australian Magician in history.”




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Laneway Live

Interviews with great magicians

In 2020, as a response to the global pandemic that caused a complete shutdown of the entertainment, Tim Ellis recorded a nightly chat show where he interviewed some of the world’s greatest magicians and checked in with how they were coping with the crisis.
Guests included Jeff Hobson, David Regal, Michael Close, Carisa Hendrix, Rudy Coby, Nicholas J Johnson, Dom Chambers, Boris Wild, Harrison Greenbaum, Helen & Arthur Coghlan, Mahdi Gilbert, Simon Coronel, Topas, Shawn Farquhar, Richard Wiseman, John Archer, Lawrence Leung, Max Maven and many more.



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