Warmth & Encouragement

Tim created some customised, interacted magic videos for the Mothers Of Preschoolers Australian Conference last week, and the response was incredible.

  • I loved this session! He is such a great magician! I love that he taught us some simple magic tricks that we can do at home.
  • He had an excellent manner, a reflective approach, a generous sharing, and well suited to our audience. A bit like a palate cleanser between the heavier sessions.
  • Entertainment was great and loved his sharing about why he wanted to become a magician and how to share magic with our kids.
  • Just so good to smile and laugh.
  • The magician was great. As well as magic, he had some subtle messages of encouragement (and one black and white one :-)). He had a warm manner which was great.
  • Thanks for sharing some of your tricks! Your others puzzled us!
  • I appreciated his warmth, and his contribution to the overall tone of the conference, and as a refreshing palate cleanser between our heavier sessions.
  • Thank you! You’re amazing! I loved watching your magic!
  • Thank you Tim.. thank you for sharing your talents with us.
  • Thankyou! You brought so much joy to the littles ones. My son is so inspired and straightaway went hunting for a ball and coin to get started on making magic.
  • I thought Tim Ellis was a great addition to the evening. He added an element of fun as well as encouragement. He was warm and directed his material very appropriately. I also love that he passed on some value add to the mums in the way of magic tricks to take back to their little kids.

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