Tim Lectures in Japan

Despite the complete ban on overseas travel, Tim Ellis presented a one hour lecture to the Japanese MMMM Magic Society last Sunday night – via Zoom.

The lecture consisted of some his classic original effects from his book TIMELESS MAGIC along with some performances pieces designed for Zoom, and a few words of advice.

Organisers reported it was the largest attendance they’ve had so far for their 14 monthly lectures and it was an absolute thrill to see the delighted reactions to the explanations of the magic.

Event organiser Shigeru Tashiro posted:

“MMMM guest from. today is Tim Ellis. Even if you just look at this acting, you can see why Tim is famous as a magician in Australia and praised by magicians around the world. Through the phenomenon, I see the performers. Through the phenomenon, the audience is shaken. Through the phenomenon, the performers and the audience can be rich. It would be great if you could act like that.”

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