GALLERY: Tim Ellis on Safari

As part of the magical journey to South Africa, Tim Ellis was invited to take part in an exclusive ‘magicians only’ safari at the Phinda Zuka Lodge in  KwaZulu-Natal.

This unique event ran over three days and included a three hour drive through the game preserve in an open jeep every morning at 6am and every evening into dusk.

The wildlife on the game preserve was astonishing, and Boris Wild and Lee Cohen got some amazing photographs.

The guides were exceptional hosts, keeping us informed and feeling safe at all times, even when we lost a tyre in after dark in the middle of cheetah territory!

Even though we saw some cheetahs in the wild, we also had the opportunity to meet a cheetah in person at the Cheetah Outreach. It was so sad to discover that there are only about 7,000 of these amazing creatures left in existence.

Of course, no trip to Capetown is complete without a visit to Table Mountain, the beautiful beaches, and the amazing 12 Apostles restaurant.

We spent the last day at World of Birds, the largest bird sanctuary in Africa with thousands of rescue birds and animals being cared for.

It was an incredible experience and a huge privilege to be able to see nature up so close. Thanks so much to Craig Mitchell and The College of Magic for sharing your amazing country with us.

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