Zoom School Incursions & Workshops

‘A Visit to The Laneway Theatre’

Is your school or group looking for the best incursion ever?

Internationally acclaimed magician Tim Ellis is ready to take you on a magical mystery tour into his personal venue, The Laneway Theatre.


Customised to best suit the age group attending

Each show includes an introduction to the art of magic, performances of classic effects, interactive pieces with multiple volunteers, and magic the kids perform in their own hands. (There is nothing on earth like the feeling of astonishing yourself!)

Tim also teaches a number or logic puzzles and carefully curated magic tricks the kids will be able to perform for their friends and family the instant the show is over.

Younger Audiences

We haven’t forgotten the Preps to Year 2 kids either! For the young ones who still believe magic is real, we have the hilariously silly Zoom version of our acclaimed Mad Hatter Magic Show filled with highly visual, colourful, and interactive magic and theatre.

Got a group smaller than 15 or bigger than 25?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! We can even provide a shorter version of the show if you have time restraints.

Enquire below or give us a call on 04 0886 2442.

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