Tim ellis year by year

Tim was born in 1963 in Richmond, Victoria, Australia to Ron and Jan Ellis.

But it wasn’t until nine years later that he finally found his true calling.

He immersed himself in the art of magic. He borrowed magic books from the local library, and ended up writing magic books. He bought magic tricks from Bernard’s Magic Shop, and eventually ended up owning the entire shop. He studied magic from the masters, and ended up teaching them.


Tim is given a Hanky Panky Magic Set by his Grandfather


At age 14 he is admitted into The Magic Circle of Victoria– the youngest member ever accepted.

Tim starts performing at children’s birthday parties. (Click here to see some Tim Ellis perform magic in 1979.)


Tim travels to Sydney to attend his first national Australian Convention of Magicians

He makes his television debut on The Earlybird Show (10) (Click here to watch his final appearance on the show in 1988)

He appears as a contestant on Young Talent Time (10)


Tim wins four out of the five awards given annually by The Magic Circle of Victoria


Tim appears on You’re A Star (10) (Click here to see Tim Ellis perform magic on ‘You’re A Star’)

He attends the Australian National Convention of Magicians in Melbourne and is awarded ‘Teenage Magician of the Year’ for his ‘Fresh Fish’ routine

Tim appears in the title role of ‘Charley’s Aunt’ at Ivanhoe Grammar School and wins the Drama Prize and the Public Speaking Award


Tim is resident close up magician at Babushka restaurant (later known as Merlin’s House of Magic) until 1986.  (Click here to see the TV launch of Merlin’s on Day By Day (7))

He writes, produces and stars in The Magic Club – A Musical Magical, together with a group of teenage friends from ‘The Young Magicians’. The show is performed throughout Melbourne until 1984. (Click here to watch a very early clip of ‘The Young Magicians’)

Tim studies Film and Television at Swinburne University


Tim tours through the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland with Terry Dansic in Star Magic. (Click here to watch a scene from the show)

He appears in the Heidelberg Theatre Company production of ‘The Royal Hunt of The Sun’


Tim tours Victoria with his own solo school show Magic Unlimited


Tim forms the company Magic Unlimited and begins providing entertainment at events all over the country

He makes his first appearance as a guest on Young Talent Time (10) and continues to appear regularly for the next four years. (Click here to watch.)


Tim appears on Willisee (7) and lectures at The Australian Skeptics Convention about the ‘Uri Geller vs Zanex Mining’ scam and other psychic fraud. (Click here to watch Willisee.)

Tim produces The Festival of Magic at The Caulfield Arts Centre as a weekend event featuring six magicians

He then expands it later in the year to create the ten day festival Magic Week, which includes a mini magic convention and ‘The Ultimate Magic Show’ at The Palais Theatre. (Click here to read the history of Magic Week.)

Tim appears on The Daryl Somers Show (9)  (Click here to watch.)

Tim wins ‘Champion Close Up Magician of Australia’ at the national Australian Convention of Magicians


Tim creates and performs the role ‘Head Chief Rabbit’ in the Australian Shakespeare Company’s production of ‘The Wind in the Willows’ staged in the Melbourne Botanical Gardens

Tim premieres his new show Illusion: The Ultimate Fantasy at the Caulfield Arts Centre.

He drives a $100,000 Mercedes while blindfolded to promote Magic Week

Tim appears as a ‘Living Mannequin’ and ‘Robot’ in the city stores of Just Jeans and Myer.


Tim is named by Harper’s Bazaar magazine one of the ‘Top New Faces of 88′

Tim performs at Hollywood’s legendary Magic Castle and attends the PCAM Convention in Santa Barbara.

He performs a season at Brisbane’s Expo 88.

Tim is buried alive on national TV to promote Magic Week. (Click here to watch.)

Tim makes the first of ten guest appearances on The Midday Show. (Click here to watch one.)

Tim produced and performed in Moomba’s World of Magic, a series of 100 different magic shows staged in the Alexandra Gardens over the ten days of Melbourne’s Moomba Festival


Tim escapes from a wooden crate in Melbourne’s Yarra River to promote Magic Week (Click here to see a TV news report)

Behind the News (2) does a feature story on Magic Week. (Click here to watch)

Tim creates Magic School and begans teaching with Lyndsay Reitschel. (Click here to see a TV story about the school)

Tim tours Victorian schools with his new show Spellbinder

Tim performs a four month season at The Comedy Cafe

Tim returns to The Magic Castle in Hollywood and also performs in Las Vegas at the Desert Magic Seminar

Tim produces and edit the magazine Australian Magic Monthly until 1998

Tim produced and performed in The Greatest Show at the Show at The Royal Melbourne Show with Peter Gray and Christof!! (Click here to see more)


Tim declared ‘Best Stage Magician of Australia’ at the national Australian Convention of Magicians

Tim performs his close up magic show ‘Pure Magic’ at the Victorian Arts Centre throughout January.

Tim tours the Northern Territory with Peter Gray and Christof!! in the show The Greatest Show at the Cabaret

Tim performs in Fiji with Andrew Gill as special guest of the Sigatoka Festival.

Tim appears on TV as the Bayswater Bulk ‘Discount Ace’. (Click here to watch)

Tim produces and performs in the grand opening shows for The World Congress Centre in Melbourne

Tim co-ordinates Melbourne’s magicians to join the Moomba Parade.  (Click here to watch)

Tim appears regularly in ‘New Vaudeville’ at the Prince Patrick Hotel


Tim is awarded ‘Special Prize of the Jury’ at the FISM World Championships of Magic in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Tim tours schools with his new show Dreamweaver.

Tim creates MagicSports. (Click here to see part 1 of Tim playing Make A Trick.)

Tim becomes a regular columnist for the international magazine Genii.

Tim produces the monthly shows Showcase Sundays where magicians can try out new material.


Tim guest stars at the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention in Salt Lake City, USA.

Tim performs a two week season at The Magic Castle.

Tim produces the record-breaking Australian National Convention of Magicians at the World Congress Centre, Melbourne.

Tim purchases Bernard’s Magic Shop and produces a series of 18 training video with magician Bryan Wood.


Tim performs a straitjacket escape suspended by his ankles in Alice Springs.

Tim performs a season of Christmas shows at Pitrone’s Cabaret.


Tim is awarded the Silver Medal in Close Up Magic at the FISM World Championships of Magic held in Yokohama, Japan.  (Click here to watch the award winning routine.)

Tim creates the Magic Unlimited Magic Course for the Showbiz department at Prahran TAFE.

Tim tours schools throughout Victoria with his show Pure Magic. (Click here to see a scene from the show.)


Tim produces and performs in ‘Late Night Magic’ at Mietta’s, Melbourne.

Tim stars in ‘International Stars of Magic’ at the Burswood Casino in Perth with Jeff Hobson, Jade and The Wilsons.

Tim returns to the Desert Magic Seminar in Las Vegas


Tim co-produces the two hour special ‘Magical Mystery Tour in Australia’ for Japan’s NHK Television.

Tim appears at the Society of American Magicians convention in Las Vegas.

Tim produces the biggest Australian National Convention of Magicians ever staged.

Tim’s monthly ‘Showcase Sunday’ nights move to The Aquarium in Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Tim performs a series of illusion shows at Junction 8 in Singapore


Tim is the first Australian ever to perform as a guest artist at the FISM World Championships of Magic, Dresden, Germany.

The ‘Showcase Sunday’ nights move to Witches in Britches.

Tim and Andrew Gill stage ‘The Safety Zone Variety Show’ at Melbourne Central.


Tim performs his new show ‘Dreams & Illusions’ at Caper’s Dinner Theatre.

Tim performs as a guest artist at the national Australian Convention of Magicians in Sydney.

He releases The Wizards of Aus – Exposed! calendar featuring popular Australian Magicians.


Tim tours Victorian and Tasmanian Schools with his show Magic Unlimited’s Best Show Ever.

He performs at Sydney’s Olympic Homebush Stadium, levitates a car in Perth, and performs for the Prime Minister in Parliament House, Canberra

He acts as Magic Consultant on the TV show Blue Heelers

Tim produces and performs a three-hour show on New Year’s Eve to see in the new millenium


Tim appears as special guest at the Society of American Magicians Convention in Milwaukee, USA, and lectures throughout Europe. (Click here to take a peep at the SAM Gala Show.)

He performs a return season of Magic Unlimited’s Best Show Ever through Victorian Schools.

He performs ‘Cunning Stunts’ for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

He produces and edits the national magic magazine AMM 2000


Tim is invited to perform as guest lecturer and performer at Hank Lee’s Cape Cod Conclave (Boston), The Battle of The Magicians (Ohio), and the prestigious invitation-only FFFF (New York), where he is voted ‘Most Valuable Participant’ by his peers. The first time ever an Australian has been awarded such an honour


Tim lectures all over the USA and is special guest at MagiFest(Ohio) and the World Magic Seminar (Las Vegas)

He lectures in Paris, The UK, Munich (where he performs with‘The Flicking Fingers’), and is the special guest (with Tommy Wonder) at the South African Magic Championships


Tim travels the USA with his ‘Driving US Insane’ lecture tour, including performances at The Winter Carnival of Magic (Tennessee) and the Society of American Magicians Convention (Las Vegas)

He brings ‘The Flicking Fingers’ from Germany to Australia for two conference weekends in Melbourne and Sydney

He attends the FISM World Championships of Magic in Den Haag where he performs on the Gala Show, introduces MagicSports to the world, and becomes the first Australian ever to sit on the international Jury


Tim heads the team that sets the new Guinness World Record for The World’s Longest Magic Show at 75 hours

He appears on Good Morning Australia (10) with Bert Newton and Mornings with Kerri Anne (9)

He releases three top-selling teaching Magic DVDs 

Tim performs three shows daily for two weeks at Melbourne’s Luna Park

Tim travels to Seoul, South Korea, to perform as guest artists on Lee Eun-Gyeol’s Magic Concert

He is the guest lecturer and performer at the New Zealand Convention of Magicians

Tim produces the National Australian Convention of Magicians


Tim lectures around the USA and appears as guest artist at FFFF (New York), Hank Lee’s Cape Cod Conclave (Boston), MAWNY (New York), Tannen’s (New York), The International Battle of the Magicians (Ohio).

Tim’s warehouse is showcased on the television show Location, Location, Amazing Homes

He is the guest lecturer at the first ever Merlin’s Close Up Magic Invitational

Tim performs a week in the Close Up Room at Hollywood’s Magic Castle

He presents The Halloween Spooktacular in Melbourne

Tim appears in the short film Speed Dating 101 


Tim performs escapes and illusions at the Royal Melbourne Show

He performs magic on radio with Darren James and Tony Leonard on 3AW.

Tim is nominated ‘Lecturer of the Year’ by The Magic Castle, Hollywood

He appears in the short film My Life or Something Like it. (Click here to watch it.)

Tim performs one night only at The Comic’s Lounge in Melbourne

Tim attends the FISM World Championships of Magic in Stockholm, Sweden, where he sits on the Jury


Tim Ellis performs his new show ’Poker in the Face’ (later renamed ‘Full House’) for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Tim appears in the internationally screened television special ’The 23rd FISM World Championships of Magic’

Tim is listed in the magic history book Dictionnaire de la Prestidigitation published in France. He is one of two living Australian magicians profiled in the book. The only other Australians listed are Les & Esme Levante, Murray, Jean Hugard, Percy Abbott and Al Wheatley.

Tim performs a week of shows at The Sun Arcade in China.

Tim is also profiled in the Australian magic history book Deceptions Downunder by Brian McCullagh

He is guest lecturer and performer at the 4th Asian Magic Convention in Hong Kong. Tim also sits on the Close Up Magic Jury


Tim performs his new show ’Something About Needles and Razorblades’ for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The show returns for a second season later in the year. (Click here to see a preview.)

Tim performs ’Illusionarium’ for two weeks as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, sponsored by radio station Light FM.

Tim presents his new family illusion show ‘The Wizards of Aus’ as part of the Melbourne Magic Festival, which he creates and produces annually

He travels to Bangkok and Hong Kong for corporate shows


Tim heads over to the FISM World Championships of Magic in Beijing, China.

Tim creates a hugely popular music video for Topas’ magic anthem Our FISM. (Click here to watch it.)

Tim records a series of micro-programs for Channel 31. (Click here to watch one.)

He debuts his new family magic show ‘Ellis in Wonderland’ at the Melbourne Magic Festival.

Tim performs his brand new show ‘Aspycadabra’ to critical acclaim at the Melbourne Magic Festival. 

Tim goes to Taiwan to appear on Lu Chen’s hugely popular TV show Magic. 


Tim produces and appears in the TV series ’The Catchpenny Club’  (Click here to watch a clip.)

He appears in the feature film Matching Jack.

Tim’s illusion show ‘Escape From Reality’ premieres in Hong Kong

He is guest artist at the MAWNY Convention, the Canadian CAM Magic Convention and the 40th FFFF Convention where he pays tribute to head Forker Obie O’Brien. (Click here to watch part 1 of the tribute.)

Tim debuts his new family show ‘Illusionarium 2010′ at the Melbourne Magic Festival.

He is featured in a TV sketch with Russell Gilbert when Hey Hey It’s Saturday visits the Magic Festival. (Click here to watch it.)

He appears as a guest artist and judge at the Malaysian Magic Festival.

Tim makes The Melbourne Cup appear for a corporate event

Tim is featured in the Society of American Magicians magazine.

Tim collaborates with Swinburne Design to create a series of online Asperger’s educational games. Aspergion

Tim narrates the short film ‘Two Trees’ for Salvos Studios. (Click here to watch it.)


Tim appears as guest performer and lecturer at the International Magic Experience in Las Vegas

Tim’s show ‘Something About Needles & Razorblades’ makes it’s debut in Las Vegas and returns for a second season at The Melbourne Magic Festival.

Tim is featured as the resident magician on the kids TV show Toon Time (111) (Click here to watch.)

He presents a brand new family show for The Melbourne Magic Festival, ’Once Upon A Time’.

Tim appears as guest performer and lecturer at the GeniiCon in Sydney with Rick Merrill and Stephen Bargatze

Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable (2) airs an entire episode based on Lawrence trying to come up with a way to fool Tim Ellis.

He consults for The Australian Shakespeare Company and adds magic to their production of ‘Macbeth’

The Today Show (9) broadcast live from Magic Unlimited Headquarters. (Click here to watch.)

Tim releases his new 150 page book for magicians Timeless Magic. (Click here to buy a copy).

Tim appears in the short film ‘Holy Spirit Please’ for the Salvos Studios. (Click here to watch it.)

He appears as guest artist, lecturer and judge at the FISM Asia Magic Championships in Hong Kong. (Click here to see Tim on the Gala Stage Show.)

Tim wrote a feature article for Genii magazine on the FISM Asia Magic Championships.


Tim travels to China to perform at The Dinosaur Land Theme Park and appear as guest artist at the China College Magic Convention

Tim performed an 80 minute guest spot on Korean TV on Lee Eun Gyeol’s Storytelling Magic Show(Click here to watch part 1.)

Tim locked a 70 year old lady into a trunk them threw her into the bay on live TV for Adam Hills. (Click here to watch.)

Tim appeared on a Chinese Television magic special performing his Linking Rings.

Tim appeared as special guest performer and lecturer at the Asian Magic Association Convention in Davao City, Philippines

Tim appears on the ABC  ’3 Factor’ as mentor to young magician Tim Mason. (Click here to watch.)

Tim is magic advisor to Cosentino on the first ever Australian magic TV special.

Magic Unlimited brought Korean magician Park Eun Kyoung and Yoo Hyun Min to Melbourne to perform the Champions of Magic show.

Tim presents a brand new family show at The Melbourne Magic Festival ‘The Mad Hatter’s Magical Tea Party’.

Tim presents a brand new adult show at The Melbourne Magic Festival  ‘Timeless Magic’, which gets a great review from The Age theatre critic Cameron Woodhead. (Click here to read it.)


Tim presents a brand new adult show at The Melbourne Magic Festival  ‘In Dreams’, which gets a great review from Sometimes Melbourne theatre critic Anne Marie. (Click here to read the review.)

Tim presents two brand new family shows at The Melbourne Magic Festival ‘The Mad Hatter’s History of Hattery’ and ‘Tim Ellis: As Seen on TV’.

Tim performed as guest artist on several cruises for the Royal Caribbean line.

Tim appeared as guest performer and lecturer at the Bangkok International Magic Extravaganza.

Tim turns 50 and, as he promised, he finally releases The Six Card Rap on sale to the magic community.

Tim appeared as guest performer and lecturer at the TMA convention in Taiwan(Click here to watch some clips taken backstage.)

Tim appeared as guest performer and lecturer at the TAMA Magic Fan Meeting in Tokyo and then toured Japan with his new lecture.

Tim performed 28 shows in 7 days at the Happy Valley Theme Park in China.

Tim was approached to entertain backstage at the Bon Jovi concert in Melbourne


Tim performs on the Cunard Luxury Cruise Liners ‘The Queen Mary 2’ and ‘The Queen Victoria’.

Tim creates the monthly ‘Melbourne’s Magic Nights’ at the Wesley Anne.

Tim lectures and performes throughout the USA for a month including ‘Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic’, ‘Wizardz’, ‘Theatre of Dreams’ and ‘The Magic Castle’. (Click here to see a clip of how exhausted he was.)

Tim performs at a multi million dollar Mazda launch at the Adelaide Event Centre.

Tim presents a brand new adult show at The Melbourne Magic Festival, ‘1 Defining Moment’. (Click here to read a report of the show.)

Tim presents a brand new improvised family show at The Melbourne Magic Festival, ‘Magic vs Music: The Audience Always Wins’

Tim performs as guest artist. lecturer and judge at the 2nd Beijing Carnival of Magic.

Tim performs as guest artist, lecturer and judge at the Mega Banga Magic Festival in Bangkok, Thailand.


Tim performed in the show ‘Squeaky Clean Comedy’ at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Tim performs a return season of his popular poker magic show ‘Full House’ at The Melbourne Magic Festival. (Read review here.)

Tim performs his new family show ‘The Mad Hatter: Return to Wonderland’ at The Melbourne Magic Festival.

‘MagicSports’ wins the Best Comedy award at The Melbourne Magic Festival.

Tim performs on The Golden Princess cruising from Pt Chalmers to Noumea.

Wayne Kawamoto at AboutMagic.com, published a list of the Top 7 magic DVDs they’ve reviewed on the site. From over 200 DVDs over the last few years not only was ELLIS IN WONDERLAND (by Tim Ellis) voted #1, but 24 YEARS OF LIVING NEXT DOOR TO ELLIS (by Tim Ellis) made the #3 spot!


Tim performed on several cruises throughout the year including the Celebrity Solstice, The Sun Princess, and The Voyager.

Tim appears as a guest on Channel 31’s chat show ‘About Tonight’ hosted by Nicholas J Johnson.

MagicSports performed two sold out shows at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Tim broke his own Guinness World Record and produced The World’s Longest Magic Show at 85 hours. (Click here to read press about it.)

Tim appeared on The Today Show live from The World’s Longest Magic Show, and also on the Nine Network News. (Click here to see a clip from The Today Show.)

Tim appeared as special guest and compered the Taiwan Magic Association Gala Show. (Click here to see clips.)

Tim presented his new show ‘This Is Magic!’ at The Melbourne Magic Festival.

Tim presented a return season on his show ‘In Dreams’ at The Melbourne Magic Festival.

Tim is elected President of The Australian Institute of Magic.


Tim performed on 13 different cruises in the first few months on 2017.

Tim was guest performer and lecturer at Secret Sessions in South Africa with Boris Wild and Asi Wind.

Tim performed a cameo role with Natalie as illusionists on the comedy TV series ‘Get Krack’n’.

Tim performed a return season of his show ‘This Is Magic!’ at The Melbourne Magic Festival. (Click here to read a review.)

Tim performed his new family show ‘Professor Googalfitz Explains It All’ at The Melbourne Magic Festival.

Tim hosted MagicSports at The Melbourne Magic Festival. (Click here to read a review).

Tim appeared live on The Today Show from The Melbourne Magic Festival 

Tim was interviewed by Jon Faine on ‘The Conversation Hour’. (Click here to listen to the interview.)

Tim was presented with an ‘Excellence in Magic’ Award for ten years of service to The Melbourne Magic Festival.

Tim opened Australia’s only purpose built close up magic venue, The Laneway Theatre and performed a 6 month season of  ‘Pure Magic’. (Click here to read a review in The Plus Ones.)

Tim and Nicole Melrose performed ‘The Halloween Magic & Burlesque Show’ at The Laneway Theatre.

Tim made a guest appearance on ‘The Real Housewives of Melbourne’ for Foxtel.

Tim performed at The Noumea Magic Festival.

Tim performed a one week season in the Parlour of Prestidigitation at Hollywood’s Famous Magic Castle.


Tim performed on 15 different cruises in 2018.

Tim performed a weekend of Mad Hatter Shows at The Nobbies, Phillip Island.

Tim performed a customised show for The Book of Fete (Melbourne Writers Festival) at State Library Victoria.

Tim performed a week of Mad Hatter Shows at The Knox Shopping Centre.

Tim performed a six month season of ‘Spellbinder’ at The Laneway Theatre. (Click here to read a review in Weekend Notes).

Tim was interviewed on ABC Afternoons and Vision Radio.

Tim performed a new family show with Carisa Hendrix ‘World of Wizards’ at The Melbourne Magic Festival. 

Tim performed ‘The Late Night Magic, Comedy & Something Ellis Hour’ at The Melbourne Magic Festival. (Click here to read a review.)

Tim produced MagicSports at The Melbourne Magic Festival.

Tim was featured on the front page of The Age ‘Careers’ lift out with a great profile. (Click here to read.)

Tim Ellis attended ‘Magic Live!’ in Las Vegas where his new trick, iDrop was released by Vanishing Inc.

Tim performed at The PCAM Magic Convention in Bakersfield.

Tim and Nicole Melrose performed ‘The Halloween Magic & Burlesque Show’ at The Laneway Theatre.


Tim debuted his new close up version of ‘Aspycadabra‘ at The Laneway Theatre. (Click here to read a review by Tay Around Town).

Tim performed as a Wizard for a series of High Teas at The Stamford Plaza.

Tim debuted his new show ‘Astonishment’ at The Laneway Theatre for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. (Click here to read a review in Theatre People)

Tim performed his family show ‘The Mad Hatter’s Magical Tea Party’ at The Melbourne Magic Festival. (Click here to read a review)

Tim performed ‘As Seen On TV’ at The Melbourne Magic Festival. (Click here to read a review).

Tim produced MagicSports at The Melbourne Magic Festival(Click here to read a review).

Tim was interviewed on ‘The Conversation Hour’ on ABC Radio. (Click here to listen).

Tim was interviewed by Denis Walter on Radio 3AW.  (Click here to listen).

Tim was interviewed by Richard Watts on 3RR.

Tim appeared on The Nine News promoting The Melbourne Magic Festival.

Tim appeared as a guest artist with Impro Melbourne in their show ‘Nothing Tolousse’.

Tim appeared as a guest speaker at the Creative Darebin Network Breakfast.

Tim returned to the TMA Magic Convention on Taiwan as a special guest. (Click here to watch a clip)

Tim was interviewed on the first episode of the Channel 31 show ‘Fan Base’.

Tim performed on a dozen different cruises in 2019.


Tim performed on six different cruise ships in the first 7 weeks of the year.

Tim premiered his new show ‘Out of Something. Nothing’ at The Laneway Theatre.

Tim recorded a nightly Zoom Chat Show called ‘Laneway Live’ every night for the first 50 nights of Lockdown. (Click here to watch it)

Tim was interviewed on ABC TV News about the impact of Covid on entertainers.

Tim releases a new trick called ‘Insoluble’ as a global April Fool’s Day prank. (Click here to watch it.)

Tim presents an online lecture for The International Brotherhood of Magicians on Zoom Magic.

Tim created and performed five completely different Zoom Magic Shows throught to Covid Lockdown.

Tim performed on the virtual PCAM Magic Convention.


Tim debuted his new two hour show ‘The Laneway Theatre Experience’

Tim lectured virtually in Japan for the Nippon Magic Foundation.

Tim appeared on The Today Show as they broadcast live from The Laneway Theatre.

Tim did radio interviews with Libbi Gorr (ABC), Richard Watts (RRR), Leigh Drew (CaseyFM) and Warren and Dee (JoyFM)

Tim was a guest on the final episode of ‘Magic & Martinis’ hosted by Scott Wells.


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