SHOW CLOSING: Only two more chances to see Spellbinder

As 2018 comes to a close so does your chance to catch Tim’s Laneway Theatre show ‘Spellbinder‘.

There are some tickets remaining for next Thursday (December 13) and Saturday’s (December 15) shows so CLICK HERE and check out the show before it disappears!

Tim returns to The Laneway Theatre on January 25 with his brand new show ASPYCADABRA (opening night is already 50% sold out!) so if you’d like to give your friends a Christmas treat, visit The Laneway Theatre to bok your tickets now! (Gift Certificates are also available).

SPELLBINDER – Reviewed by Weekend Notes

A few years ago I was privy to the magic show Full House – or How to Get Banned from Every Casino on the Planet by Tim Ellis. I am still in awe of his magical performance, so I couldn’t wait to see Spellbinder.

I was not disappointed. In fact, the show well and truly exceeded my expectations, even though I had a bit of an idea of what to expect and knew it would be awe-inspiring.

The Laneway Theatre is specially built for magic. You need to find the secret door, then be ready for the shock of what’s inside the door. There is an overhead camera projected on a large screen to ensure 100% vision of each and every trick. There are Gold Class-type seats and original magic artefacts set up a bit like a museum.

The Laneway Theatre is an intimate theatre for only 32 people, so I felt rather indulged. You can even talk to this international genius.

Tim introduces his show as the ultra close up magic show that plays with people’s perceptions. His aim is to make it an incredible show and to assist his credibility (as if he needs it!), he engages two volunteers from the audience to watch his every move. They look awe struck by his magic feats, just like we were.

There was lots of laughing during the show and long stretches of silence as the suspense built. Tim is a magician, actor, cross comedian. He reminded me of a much-loved and renown comedian Dave Hughes and of the original Willy Wonka.

Everyone and Tim thoroughly enjoyed the show. His enthusiasm was contagious. I sat next to a lady who was constantly saying ‘What?‘ out loud.

Spellbinder takes the art of magic to a whole new level, along with a selection of astonishing feats with coins, thread, poker chips and nothing more than your imagination, which will leave you speechless.

I wish I’d bought the whole family and intend to next time. Here are some comments from other audience members:

‘What just happened?’

‘I was pissing myself’

‘That was crazy.’

‘That was amazing. I’m definitely coming back.’

‘I was annoyed I couldn’t figure out how he could have done this’

If you loved Pure MagicFullhouse or any of his other shows, you will be blown away again by Spellbinder. If you’ve never been then you must treat yourself. It’s a sure-fire winner and at only $25 per head, it’s a cheap night out.

So why don’t you join Tim? Go and pretend to be a child… anything can happen.

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