What does Tim do during ‘Strolling Magic’?

‘Strolling Magic’ is quite a unique form of entertainment. It generates laughter, gasps and frequently screams! But some people find it hard to visualise Tim Ellis mingling among their guests and performing absolute miracles with borrowed objects.

So, let’s give you a little sample of some of the things he may get up to at your next event.

He may borrow a watch and cause the time to change while its owner is holding it. Take a look at this clip at the 11 minute mark:


He may link a borrowed ring onto a rubber band right in mid air. Take a look at this clip at the 1 minute mark:


He may cause a card that’s merely thought of to vanish from a deck and reappear in an impossible location. Take a look at this clip at 8.30min:


He may cause a photo to vanish from his credit card and reappear on yours!


Or he may just do the most mindblowing visual magic you’ve ever seen…


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