In my role as an agent, you would be surprised just how often I call or text an artist and get no reply. We live in a time where everyone has their phones in their pocket. It’s not like the old days where you had to wait until the performer returned home and checked their answering machine… but even then most performers got back to me faster than some do today.

When a client calls me asking for the availability of a magician, they want to know NOW. Often I will simply text the magician with the day, time and location and ask for their availability and a price – yet the general response time seems to be a day. 24 hours later! By that time the client has shopped around, frustrated that I didn’t get back to them, and booked a magician who answered his phone.

So who do I call more often when a client asks for a magician? The ones I know get back to me right away.

Whatever you are doing, when you get a text or a call from a client or an agent, STOP and take the call or reply to the text immediately. THIS is your job. Unless you are actually doing a show at the time, stop sweeping the floor, put your movie on pause, ask your friend to excuse you for a moment, take a break from your gym reps… this is your job!

If you worked in an office and your boss called you over… and you ignored him… you wouldn’t have a job anymore. Same thing. Ignore the calls at your own peril. Answer right away and you will get so much more work!