Real feedback from real magicians:


“The two standing ovations Tim got from my fellow vagrants were well deserved.” – Gary Norsigian, Darwin’s Magic Club, Las Vegas (USA)

“The people who attended are saying you gave the best lecture we have ever hosted.” – Steve Johnson, Grand Illusions (USA)

“I’ve been in magic sixty years and just wanted to say that yours was one of the finest lectures I have ever seen.” – Dr Ronald P Dutton, Colorado (USA)

“By the time I got home it was 1am. I can’t imagine how late the night was for you. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep until about 8am. I don’t need to tell you that you do really great and inventive magic. You have people all over the world telling you that every day. What could I possibly add?” – Chip Christian, Carlos Magic Shop (USA)

“Just wanted to tell you that the lecture in Nashville Thursday night was probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.” – Rick Green, Nashville (USA)

“Recently saw your lecture in Chicago (Magic Inc.) and I wanted to shower you with praise. The lecture material was first rate and proved that performance magic can be made to appear “real”.” – Benjamin Barnes, Chicago (USA)

“I went out completely enchanted with this lecture. I have the impression to have grown rich, have learnt of and have received from a certain energy. It is really the kind of lecture that restores you for the next six months, the urge to burst you into magic and which urges you to create and to improve what you already have in the suitcase.” – Philipe Day, La Double Fond (France)

“The only thing everyone knows about this lecture is: this was the best one we ever had in all the years. That’s the truth!” – Steve Pipo, Innsbruck (Austria)

“By far the best lecture I have ever seen, and I have seen many lectures. It qualified as more of a show than a lecture. It was most creative and original, Tim’s cups and balls act “blew me away”. – Jim Placido, Ann Arbour Magic Club (USA)

“Thank you so much for the greatest lecture I’ve ever seen. And I don’t say that lightly. You are the best. PS: Where do you get all that energy? I’m jealous.” – Don Drake, Darwin’s Magic Club, Las Vegas (USA)

“We had the most wonderful lecture I have ever had the privilege of attending. Being a professional lecturer myself, I don’t say this lightly.” – Daniel M Becker, (USA)

“This was the most entertaining presentation our Ring 205 has ever had.” – Gene Craft, Ohio (USA)

“It was the most entertaining lecture that I have ever seen. The display of energy and fun that you add to the art is truly magnificent. Your lecture made me feel like I was a kid again!” – Shane Pittman, Tennessee (USA)

“To say that their lecture was well received would be quite an understatement, they were the definite high point of the convention for many, as evidenced by the award of the MVP (the Most Valuable Person)” – David Jones, FFFF (USA)

“I really enjoyed your lecture and received more from it than any other lecture I’ve seen this year. Not too many performers combine both theatre, character development skills, and magic into a lecture- you both did all three wonderfully.” – Matt Tomasko, Hershey Magic Shop (USA)

“Easily one of the best and most creative presentations for a lecture that I ever saw.” – Danny Archer, FFFF (USA)

“I have sat with some of the great minds in contemporary magic such as Eugene Burger, Jeff McBride, Aldo Colombini, etc. I have never enjoyed a lecture as much as I did last night. Not just the magic, but the energy you brought was phenomenal.” – Jeff Leibowitz, Tannens (USA)

“Each trick was thoroughly explained, but in such an entertaining manner that I kept forgetting that it was a lecture, and not the big Headliner’s show” – Annie Williams, Battle of the Magicians (USA)

“Wow everything’s been said, time to reiterate, it was a hell of a show.”