Why learn magic?

Magic is by far one of the most underrated of all art forms. Many don’t even consider it an art at all. So why do we love it so much?

When you learn a musical instrument, you learn hand eye co-ordination, you learn to appreciate music history, you learn about rhythm and beats.

When you learn acting you learn about character, you learn how to interpret text, how to inhabit another personae and communicate their thoughts and ideas.

When you study psychology you learn how the human mind works, how thoughts are processed and ideas are formed, how people are so easily manipulated.

When you learn woodwork or engineering you learn how to create something from scratch, how to put pieces together, how to construct something that serves a greater purpose.

ALL OF THESE THINGS – and so much more – are learned by the magician.

The study of magic builds confidence. It increases our ability to connect with other people. It enables us to ignite the often dormant wonder everyone has inside them. It allows us to inspire others on to greater things.

Magic may be one of the most underrated artforms, but it is a rare form that encompasses arts, crafts, and all forms of higher learning.

If you have never considered learning magic before… try this simple trick. And it is very, very simple. But once you learn it. Once you perform it. Think about why it works. How it works. And you’ll realise you’ve just learned a whole lot more than just a simple secret.

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