VIDEO: Laneway Live – our new chat show!

As the world goes into lock down in order to defeat the global pandemic that is Coronavirus, magicians globally have seen their work vanish in an instant. We are an art that relies on interaction and audiences… social distancing is our enemy when our creativity is best viewed “right under your nose”.

So, in an effort to bring the magic community – both artists and fans – together on an international scale, Tim Ellis is starting a nightly chat show where he checks in with some of the world’s most famous magicians to see how they are handling this new world order.

It’s live nightly at 8pm from the Laneway Theatre and it’s free to enjoy.

Just remember, if you’d like to support any of the artists involved, check out the links in the description below each video.

And come see us LIVE when this is all over.

Until then, enjoy! Click on the PLAYLIST button on the right and remember new episiodes are added nightly at 8pm.

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