VIDEO: Tim’s Top Ten Strangest TV Spots

Tim Ellis has made over 150 appearances on TV ranging from his own 80 minute showcase on Eun Gyeol Lee’s ‘Storytelling Magic Show’ in Korea, and an entire episode dedicated to fooling him on ‘Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable’, to performing as a robot on a TV commercial for Bob Ansett’s book ‘The Customer’.

We present, for your entertainment, the TOP TEN STRANGEST TV SPOTS Tim ever made.

Some are cute, some are poorly thought out, others just downright weird!

All are entertaining.

Let’s start with…


Long before The Melbourne Magic Festival, there was Magic Week: The National Festival of The Magical Arts. Tim was the creator of this massive event and, as such, ended up promoting it at every opportunity.

This clip is from an ABC youth culture show called ‘The Factory’, hosted by Tania Lacy. It’s 1988, four years before Tim purchased Bernard’s Magic Shop, and he’s wearing a silver lurex suit….


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