The Top Ten most inappropriate clown names from real life

In the Sep/Oct 1994 issue of ‘The Magic Menu’, Jim Sisti published David Acer’s fictional list of ‘The Top Ten Clowns That Just Aren’t Getting Any Work’. Well, truth is stranger than fiction. In the June 1995 issue of ‘Australian Magic Monthly’, I published the Top Ten list of real Australian clowns. With names like these it’s hard to believe they ever get any work at all!”


10 Boofhead – (Australian slang for “stupid idiot”)


9 Gropo – (The clown with the wandering hands)


8 Slapdash the Facepainter – (A quick coat of paint is fine)


Scrap the Clown(Booker: “What about the entertainment?” Agent: “Scrap the Clown.” Booker: “Okay, we’ll scrap the clown.”)


6  Rambo – (For those military themed parties)


5  Clappo – (See a doctor about that)


Mr Juicy – (Too much information…)


Jello The Modern Clown – (Jell-o was invented in 1897…)


2 Fungo Chutney – (Eeeeeew… is that like toe jam?)


1 Little Willie – (At least he’s honest)


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