Move to encourage phones in cinemas

As you know I LOVE going to the movies. My usual dose is no less than three times a week. I love the atmosphere, the big screen, the THX sound, and just getting away from it all (I hit the 10am session and it’s like a private screening!)

However, a recent announcement by a European cinema chain has left me reeling.

SilverScreenSeatApparently they are installing USB ports in the armrests of all their cinema seats. I guess they just decided that there is no way to stop people texting and emailing during the movies so they are going to cater for them!

To some extent, according to their press release, this move is due in part to the success of Disney’s interactive screenings at it’s flagship cinema ‘El Capitan’ in Hollywood where guests use iPads to interact live with the movie and unlock special features. In my opinion it’s just a cheap attempt to get movie-goers away from their small screens and draw them back into the cinema while bringing their very small screens with them.

Are we so addicted to our phones that we can’t go two hours without checking our messages? If it really is that bad then I hope they at least restrict phone use to specific times (as they do with ‘Mums and Bubs’ sessions) otherwise it’s going to get very distracting with all those small screens glowing in the dark…

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