Timeless Magic – New book just released!



  • CLOSE UP MAGIC – Credit Card Fax, Thumbtip Tips, Coins Across, The Bare Coin Vanish, Cash to Credit Card, Tricky Trick, Broken & Restored Rubber Band
  • CARD TRICKS – Hi Tek Deck, The Cards From Snowy River, Jazz Cards, Deckstress, 7D, Perplexity, Big Deal, The Tim Card Poker Deal
  • PARLOUR MAGIC – Ultimate Blades, Shakespeare’s Monte, Divide & Conquer
  • STAGE MAGIC – The Kruger Kard Trick, Bill to Anything, Candle Tips, Soda Resurrection, Seven Keys to Baldpate, Wife Swapping
  • MENTALISM – Spiral Bound, Cellular Thinking, Card Code
  • BIZARRE MAGICK – Deathslates
  • ESSAYS – Creativity, Tips & Ideas, Floorshows, Strolling Magic, Can You Keep A Secret?, Riders, Reality Avenue, It’s About That Attitude, How To Win A Magic Competition
  • AMUSEMENTS – The Top Ten Clowns, What If Magicians Were Like…?
  • Plus more!


PAPERBACK – $35 – Click here

HARDCOVER – $50 – Click here


Review by Ed Underwood

Tim Ellis’ magic has always lived up to two key words: practical and powerful. His creations have high visual impact on the audience, leave plenty of room for personal creativity and at least for me, quickly become favorites that rise to the top of my “A” list of repeat material. Thank you Tim for your sharing your years of hard work and innovation!



Review by Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine

Timeless Magic is a collection of magic that ranges from closeup to stand-up from Tim’s personal repertoire he has developed over a thirty five year period. A wonderfully presented book that is hard cover and 148 pages this has something that will appeal to every style of performer.

What makes this book so great is that there are no pipe dreams in here. Every routine is tested over time, and Tim has performed them all in his professional career. Having a book that is filled with real world, and highly commercial magic really makes this a stand-out book for me. I could take any one of the effects and see it working in my own repertoire! There aren’t too many books out there that somebody could say that about.

A variety of magic from close-up to stage to mentalism. The book also includes essays that every performer should read. There is a great section on How To Win A Magic Competition. Tim has been a judge at many conventions including FISM. If you are looking at competition work this is a MUST READ.

One of my favorite effects is the Razor Blade Routine. A really easy and effective way to perform this well known routine. For the card magicians there are several routines in there for you ranging from gimmick effects to non-gimmick.

This is a book that is very highly recommended and comes in two choices; soft cover or hard cover.



Tricks taught in this book include – (Click on the links to see them performed)

SODA RESURRECTION – How to restore and refill a crushed, empty can

BILL TO ANYTHING – The ultimate signed and destroyed bill

ULTMATE RAZORBLADES – A totally safe method to perform this astonishing effect

BIG DEAL – A Blackjack themed card trick

HI TEK DECK – A novel gaffed deck that will blow them away

7D – A spectacular finish to a seemingly messed up card trick

DIVIDE & CONQUER – Ultra easy two person card code

KRUGER KARD TRICK – A horror themed card trick that packs a punch!

PERPLEXITY – Predicted card at any number

SHAKESPEARE’S MONTE – High class patter for the low class street swindle

CREDIT CARD FAX – Close up with a borrowed credit card and a stunning finish

BROKEN & RESTORED RUBBER BAND – The perfect killer ending to any rubber band routine

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