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Bill to Anything

This is one of Tim’s signature effects. A borrowed bill is signed, destroyed and is found restored in an impossible location. The method is absolutely diabolical as the spectator sees their signed bill cut into four pieces right before their very eyes.

Think about it – the borrowed bill is SIGNED, the SERIAL NUMBER is noted, then it is CUT UP with the signatures AND serial numbers in FULL VIEW at ALL TIMES! This is NOT your standard ‘Bill to Lemon’. This is a reputation maker that will not only fool your audience, but it will DESTROY your fellow magicians!

This video is 15 minutes long and is taken from the DVD ‘Ellis in Wonderland’.

The trick is taught in printed for in the ‘Ellis in Wonderland’ Lecture Notes and the ‘Timeless Magic’ book.




One of my favorites, Bill to Anything allows a magician to borrow a bill, have it signed and make it reappear anywhere. And the torn ‘receipt’ matches. In the performance video, the reappearance happens in a banana. Ellis’ method is clever and cunning.”
– Wayne Kawamoto, AboutMagic.com

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