Timeless Magic reviewed in The Age

The Age theatre reviewer Cameron Woodhead checked out TIMELESS MAGIC at The Melbourne Magic Festival last week and gave it a four star review!


“Tim Ellis’ Timeless Magic is an attractive and engaging family entertainment that takes a wide variety of familiar magic tricks and gives them a surprising and occasionally cheesy gloss. Card tricks are enlivened by hip-hop parody and a Freddy Krueger glove. The old cup and ball illusion is performed as a 1950’s-inspired rock act. “Lovely assistant” routines become “tetchy and sceptical assistant” routines, though the smoke and mirrors, from miraculous shrinking to mysterious appearance from thin air, are no less impressive.

Without understating Ellis’ sleight of hand and talent for misdirection, it’s his showmanship that keeps you spellbound. His timing, comic flair and charisma ensure there’s never a dead moment.”

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